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I'm so psyched that you're here. If you’re anything like my current clients, you are whip-smart, funny as hell, and capable of anything. You’re a go-getter; ambitious and driven in many areas of your life. You are kind and loving and have more strength than you realize. I see you and you are awesome. You so deserve to see that for yourself and it would be my privilege to support you on your journey. 

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Latest Articles

What Two of My Favorite Animals* Have to Do With Meditation

(Because I’ll never miss an opportunity to think and write about animals. Bonus because I can use pics, too.) During our recent yoga and meditation retreat in Costa Rica, we had an incredible opportunity to meditate with (and learn from and cook with) a man named Swami Kashi. A swami is kind of like a […]

Deficient in This and You’re in Deep Doo-doo*

Spring is the perfect time to pay a little attention to a critical nutrient in which most people are (almost for sure) deficient. The mental health benefits of Vitamin D cannot be touted enough. It is one of our strongest supporters of a healthy mood and is an anti-depression hero. (If you deal with the […]

Four Tips to Clear Your Clutter, Clear Your Mind

It’s spring and I want to write about spring cleaning some more, because it’s typically one of my favorite things to do (I’m fun, I swear). There are few things I appreciate more than a clean, organized living space. I find it almost impossible to do anything amidst clutter — work, play, relax. I love organization; […]

About Me

I am a licensed psychotherapist and a board-certified health coach with an integrative approach to mental health and wellness, incorporating interventions for mind, body, and soul. I am currently thriving in high-vibe freedom from depression, addiction, and an eating disorder, and I am devoted to sharing what I’ve learned with you. Every damn tool in my toolbox. Read More →

My Approach

By practicing an integrative approach to mental health and wellness, I help ambitious and badass ladies meet life's challenges with vibrant energy and self-confidence. I specialize in supporting clients through depression, anxiety, trauma and stress so they can discover the balanced and amazing life they were meant to live without deprivation or guilt. Together, we will explore the reasons that brought you into therapy, what might be underlying them, and we will come up with practical, do-able steps to help you achieve your goals. Read More →

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Are you ready to find peace with your non-stop anxious mind so you can experience space and serenity instead of overwhelm? It’s time to let go of negative self-talk, comparison, and mind-chatter, so you can take that self-esteem from shitty to stellar.

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